Water Quality Management Framework for Ranger Mine Closure

We were engaged by ERA to develop a water quality management framework for mine closure.


Customer: Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA)

ERA operates the Ranger Uranium mine in the Northern Territory, Australia.

All mining and processing activities at Ranger mine will cease by 2021 and all decommission works must be completed by 2026. 

A number of waterways and billabongs occur near the Ranger Mine which support a range of biodiversity and cultural values, including Kakadu National Park. 

We were engaged by ERA to develop a water quality management framework for mine closure.   



The Project builds on best practice frameworks for protection of environmental and cultural values.  This involved the identification of water types, environmental values, and key threats, and identification of management objectives for different water types.

The definition of water types and environmental values was undertaken through a stakeholder consultation process. The development of Water Quality Objectives and conceptual models was facilitated through a scientific expert panel.

The management framework will be used to interpret water quality modelling results for contaminants of potential concern. This will provide a basis for ensuring values are protected during closure phase.


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