Vessel operations

Safe and efficient vessel operations are a key component to a successful offshore operation. Optimising how vessels perform, training crew and ensuring that safety measures are in place are critical to operational safety and performance within operating budgets.

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Fareham, United Kingdom

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We use our proprietary software tools to simulate offshore vessel operations to support your operational decisions and train the crew. Our search and rescue information system helps save lives and minimises damage.

Vessel simulation and training

Our experience supporting marine operations in critical conditions and our powerful simulation software means we can help you manage and model your operations.

We combine our naval architecture and offshore engineering knowledge with our hydraulic expertise and metocean capabilities to provide an integrated approach that supports even the most complex operations. Our powerful REMBRANDT simulator provides a realistic experience of larger vessels and aids the development of safe operating procedures as well as offering excellent training opportunities

Metocean Operability and Downtime Assessments

We provide customers with the detailed metocean information they need to support the safe and cost-effective operation of oil and gas facilities.

Safe operational working limits for weather and sea state can be provided in a short turnaround from existing data sets, thus providing valuable information to operators and installation contractors during the operation of marine structures. Our extensive metocean databases are based on over 25-years of hindcast modelling, calibrated with satellite observations, and coupled with in-house knowledge to derive site-specific metocean statistics and identify operational risks.

Investigation and Forensics

We have the experience and software capabilities to carry out in-depth accident analyses and design preventative measures.

Identifying the causes of accidents can be extremely complex and requires an objective assessment by a multi-disciplinary team. Our naval architects and metocean specialists are experts in evaluating accidents by applying their in-depth knowledge of physics, hydraulics, metocean conditions and ship response behaviour.



SARIS, the BMT Search and Rescue Information System - is a search planning tool designed by coastguards for coastguards.

With SARIS, we can help you:

  • Save lives
  • Minimise damage to property
  • Achieve a rapid response
  • Support the continuation of operational capabilities