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We have supported the global, diverse, complex, multi-faceted shipbuilding industry for over 30 years.

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Andy Holdcroft

Managing Director at BMT Specialised Ship Design

Southampton, UK

023 8022 6655

Understanding the global maritime supply chain helps drive production efficiencies in shipyards of all sizes. We work with global shipbuilding enterprises to drive vessel design and engineering innovation. Our longstanding partnerships have caused a transformative change in the industry through competitive solutions and constructive advice.

Our experience encompasses the entire shipbuilding sector. As demand grows for larger vessels packed with more advanced features, it helps to have a discreet, highly knowledgeable, and experienced team at your side to focus on what you do best and call in our help when you need it.

We will help you develop innovative, cost-effective, workable solutions to technological challenges while integrating ourselves seamlessly into your existing team.

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of concept design, naval architecture, and inspection, and we will work with you at all stages through contract, Class level, detail and bid to launch.  We provide naval architecture and marine engineering support.  Our design process focuses on three key areas: hull form design, structural design, and engineering consultancy.

We have an excellent track record of success working with large shipyards and boat builders.  


Our portfolio below demonstrates the breadth of our work.  Some are designed with performance in mind, requiring us to focus on weight, balance, and energy efficiency.  Others incorporate technology geared toward providing passengers with all the technology they can handle and a stable, comfortable, and well-appointed vessel.  All must be compliant with existing and upcoming regulations, and all must meet, or exceed, safety standards.

We use our wealth of expertise in technological innovation to provide intelligent solutions to the diverse requirements of a demanding market.  We keep the most advanced techniques at the forefront and provide an unrivalled bespoke service on demand.


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