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Tina Vadolia - BMTtogether Transformation Programme Project Controller

I joined BMT in September 2008 as a Graduate Consultant. BMT's commitment in Design and Engineering and its specialism in Environmental and Sustainability management appealed to me as a graduate from The University of Bath.

Tina Vadolia -  BMTtogether Transformation Programme Project Controller

What kind of career growth have you experienced since joining BMT?

Since joining BMT in 2008, I have been given an array of customer facing opportunities across various industries such as Government and Rail, mainly specialising in Portfolio, Programme and Project roles. All these customer facing roles involved supporting customers in achieving their project objectives.

I have moved across the business and experienced various BMT operating units.

I am currently working as the BMTtogether Transformation Programme Project Controller. I provide project controls support to the Transformation Programme Manager where I maintain control, visibility and report on project performance.

What keeps you engaged at BMT?

Belonging to company where I am continuously exposed to various projects across industry sectors has given me a breadth of experience and confidence.

The Operations and Senior Leadership Team are always flexible and open in implementing new ways of thinking. BMT’s management team actively gives employees the freedom to voice new ideas and ways of working. Most importantly, a leadership team that cares about your family life, well-being, and mental health. The company ensures you create a work life balance that works for you. A healthy mind creates a healthy environment where your productivity and focus positively grows!

What makes your work meaningful?

As BMTtogether Programme Project Controller I engage with senior workstream leads and Project Managers to understand their Project objectives and obstacles. This exposure gives me an insight into the current BMT state and how the company strives to challenge itself and work towards global goals. This level of exposure gives me confidence in the internal investments that focus on our employees, customers and innovations to keep us competitive in the future markets.

How would you describe our culture?

BMT's culture is very family friendly and focussed on the People, the employees are treated as individuals. This is a reason I have invested most of my career at BMT since graduating. BMT have always supported my career during significant lifestyle changes when expanding my family. BMT are very supportive, and always show empathy when it comes to your well-being.

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