Systems engineering

Systems integration advisory

We provide test, evaluation, and acceptance services, verification methodologies, support assessment and technical assurance.

We provide a complete systems integration capability:

  • We can produce high-quality requirement sets with accompanying satisfaction arguments showing rich traceability between stakeholder and system requirements
  • We can build operational models following recognised architectural frameworks
  • We plan, design, and enable a best practice system engineering and integration approach from the programme outset

We enable our clients to implement robust, practical, and commonly understood systems integration procedures within their programmes by leveraging our skills and experience to achieve effective interface management, test and evaluation planning, technical maturity and quality reviews, and stakeholder governance decisions.

Complex systems and disparate stakeholders regularly present integration challenges that can significantly impact successful programme delivery, resulting in reduced system performance or increased time and cost.

Our solution

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Our service allows project and programme managers to achieve better technological control and have information available to make informed performance, cost, time, and risk decisions.

We focus on architecting processes and resolution of legacy and migration issues.  In addition, we offer analysis and technical assurance for the integration of cutting-edge technology into design, prototyping and manufacture.

We use a consistent and integrated process to manage our capabilities.

Our systems integration capabilities:

  • Concept and Design Assessment
  • Operational Analysis and Modelling
  • Requirements Development
  • System Architecture Development
  • Test and Evaluation