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Commendation Awarded to BMT Principal Consultant for Dedication to UK National Specialist Policing.

12 January 2022

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Commendation Awarded to BMT Principal Consultant for Dedication to UK National Specialist Policing.

We're thrilled to today announce that Principal Consultant, Corinna Weller, has been awarded a commendation for both her and her team’s dedication, specifically for supporting digital capabilities transformation within UK National Specialist Policing.

Our team, led by Corinna, developed and implemented a tailored Planning & Scheduling approach based on industry best practice. We worked closely with our client to identify project needs, and prioritised implementation of planning artefacts where they would add most value to delivery.

“BMT has provided an engaging and understanding approach to drive a mature partnership and set in place an effective and trusted PMO and Planning service, delivering rigour and necessary controls to maintain the Programme’s ‘heartbeat.’

“Without the professional support of BMT, the delivery of new digital capabilities to benefit national specialist policing and keep the public safe would not have been possible within the Programme’s delivery parameters,” Senior Programme Manager, National Specialist Policing.

Recognising the need for building a solid foundation for future change and innovation, Corrina maintained focus on upskilling the client’s staff and contractors, under a ‘One Team’ model which included ‘how to guides’, planning forums, and 1-to-1 skills coaching sessions to develop a sustainable in-house planning capability, all with a strong focus on authenticity, honest and transparent advice.

“It has been an honour to work alongside such a talented and dedicated team on an inspirational and rewarding programme” Corinna said.

“To be recognised and rewarded for our unified dedication and valued service has been humbling and I’m extremely grateful to accept this commendation on behalf of us all”.


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