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Data analytics

Empowering data analysts with intuitive, fully customisable applications and valued data insights.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


BMT DEEP empowers data analysts with intuitive, fully customisable applications from monitoring asset integrity and operational safety to environmental impact across multiple locations.

BMT DEEP uses machine learning algorithms to process, cleanse and organise sensor data at incredible speeds. Analysts, data scientists and customers can now focus on mining the data to look for long term trends that help drive efficiencies and cost savings.

BMT DEEP allows data analysts the ability to:

  • View overall system data by fleet or individual asset, presented as overall status by date or down to a specific channel.
  • Understand behaviour over time and quickly identify deviations from design values.
  • Explore data to gain valuable insights: drill down to view the performance of an individual system, device or sensor (maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis) over timeframes from a minute to a year.
  • Verify the design envelope of an asset against a detailed record of the responses it has experienced.
  • Record operational events and valuable information on structural behaviour such as motion or tendon tension, attaching documents and images to create a forensic log.
  • Accident investigation tool to help understand and mitigate against risk.

Analysis Studio

Observed data trending and analysis

Predictive analytics and decision-making based on the analysis of huge amounts of data.

Optimise Maintenance schedules

Remaining asset useful life estimation to optimise maintenance schedules and replacement plans

Operation and maintenance cost models

Develop O&M cost prediction models to ensure efficient use of resources and allow for close monitoring of O&M costs.

Identification of critical assets and maintenance activity

Use location data to identify critical assets and verify if a maintenance activity has been completed within a nominated time slot via Geofencing.

Efficient processes

Overcome organisational, operational and technical complexities, including economic and human effects and information handling.

Forensics or root cause investigation

Easier interrogation of data for improved and quicker identification of the “root cause” of problems or events therefore reducing the time to respond to them.