Pacific Coral Reef Action Plan 2020-2030

The ‘Draft Pacific Coral Reef Action Plan 2020-2030' provides guidance for SPREP, SPREP members, coral reef manages and community members for a joint coordinated effort towards protecting coral reefs


Customer: The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

An action plan for cohesive decision-making for the betterment of coral reefs was needed for the Pacific region so that Pacific Island leaders, coral reef managers and community members could make a joint coordinated effort to protect these ecosystems. The Pacific Coral Reef Action Plan intended to focus regional efforts to address the primary reef aims identified for the 2020-2030 period.

These primary aims included the following coral reef conservation themes:

  1. Biodiversity and habitat conservation
  2. Fisheries sustainability and food security
  3. Climate change resilience and adaptation
  4. Tourism sustainability.



The assessment of current status and key risks to coral reefs as well as the existing initiatives and commitments were used to develop eight overarching actions that form the Pacific Coral Reef Actions 2020-3030. Actions are accompanied by outcome-based indicators that can be used for short- to long-term evaluation. These included:

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