Development of Metocean Design Criteria for Dampier Port

We carried out comprehensive oceanographic modelling to develop the design conditions at various mooring sites in Dampier port and Mermaid Sound.


We were commissioned by Pilbara Port Authority (PPA) to establish the metocean design criteria at various mooring locations in and around the Port of Dampier.  The metocean design criteria study consists of developing a robust atmospheric and oceanographic modeling framework capable of producing a large number of realistic wind, wave, current and water level scenarios and extreme event conditions that can be subsequently analysed to establish suitable design conditions.

The first stage of the study encompassed establishing regional scale wave and hydrodynamic models which are capable of simulating generation of cyclonic waves and currents around the Port of Dampier. We achieved outstanding calibration at several measured data points demonstrating the suitability of the adopted modeling frame work for characterizing the extreme oceanographic conditions.

The scope of work encompassed a high level review of the potential development sites. We worked on the study which included developing the cyclonic climatology and generate synthetic cyclonic data base equivalent to 1000 years.The calibrated modeling frameworks in stage one was used to carry out a comprehensive Monte Carlo Simulation establishing the cyclonic design criteria at nine different mooring sites.



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