Pilot Study: Applicability of New QRA Guidelines for a Manufacturing Facility

Singapore's JTC Corporation, in collaboration with the Safety and Risk Management Safety Centre (SRMC) conducted a series of pilot Quantitative Risk Assessment studies to establish the applicability of the new QRA guidelines in the local context.


The operating environment of Singapore's industrial hub Jurong Island has grown increasingly complex, with a diverse range of chemical plants clustered together. It is imperative that safety standards are maintained at a level that is commensurate with the risks present. To achieve this vision, the Safety and Risk Management Centre (SRMC) has been set up, bringing together stakeholder agencies on a single platform to focus on safety and risk management via a Whole-of-Government approach.

JTC Corporation and the SRMC conducted pilot QRA studies to establish the applicability of the new guidelines in the local context. We were invited by JTC and SRMC to conduct a pilot study on an existing manufacturing facility in Singapore based on new guidelines and provide comparison between different guideline requirements.


Assessments based on new QRA guidelines included the following works:


  • A detailed analysis on impacts of various QRA parameters between old and new guidelines, including failure frequencies, ignition probabilities, consequence distances, base frequencies database etc;
  • Provided a holistic view on new guideline applicability to industries handling hazardous materials;
  • Illustrated the additional efforts required to conduct QRA study under the new guidelines;
  • Obtained overall “excellent” feedback from the customer.

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