SARIS upgrade project for the Danish Coastguard.

The award of twenty licenses combines SARIS v4 in Denmark with Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Danish Coastguard, a SARIS customer since 2002, has been investigating drift modelling options in the marketplace for some time and have concluded that SARIS is still the best option.

The SARIS v4 technology is designed to help locate targets ( people or objects) lost at sea.

SARIS v4 brings together years of experience from working with the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency and other renowned world coast guarding authorities.  The SARIS v4 system utilises BMT's marine environmental software systems expertise and is a sister application to BMT's Rembrandt Ship Simulator.

The Monte Carlo probabilistic modelling offers new opportunities to the Danish.  Traditionally, Coastguards use nautical charts and careful statistical calculations to help calculate the predicted movement of a missing object at sea.  With the addition of high quality, modelled met ocean data, this functionality is performed and surpassed in a fraction of the time by SARIS v4.

SARIS v4 is an integrated Search and Rescue (SAR) planning tool, incorporating both Search Area Determination (SAD) and Search Area Coverage (SAC)  and is used by Coastguards, Navies, Port Authorities and Oil Companies worldwide.

The BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics SARIS team (led by Ian Smith), SARIS Business Line Manager, has been discussing upgrade options with the Danish Coastguard since May 2015.  The long timescale shows the difficulty in being awarded work in the Search and Rescue market and points to the team's commitment and tenacity.  The award indicates that SARIS v4 is the dominant force in the Search and Rescue modelling arena.

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