BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.

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IPWEA guidelines deliver climate resilience to infrastructure

National and Local Government Water Management

This week we are proud to recognise the launch of an important climate change resilience guide for asset owners and managers.

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Disrupted ports – COVID, climate change and extreme weather

Coastal Infrastructure Commercial Maritime Energy and Resources Water Management

When operations at ports and harbours are disrupted, the knock-on effects are not just noticeable, they can be disastrous across the supply chain, let alone on the companies and consumers who rely on shipping to deliver more than 90% of the world’s goods.

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BMT named as a supplier on the Management Consultancy Framework 3

Defence and Security National and Local Government Water Management

BMT is now a supplier across Lot 1, 3 and 9, further solidifying BMT’s commitment to excellence in delivering management consultancy to its customer base

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BMT supports development application to restore iconic Hook Island Eco Resort tourist destination

Coastal Infrastructure Water Management

The application received unanimous approval by the Whitsunday Regional Council. The redevelopment will deliver low-impact tourism infrastructure to the area previously impacted by cyclones in 2011 and 2017.

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BMT Making Waves with New Collaborative Project

Energy and Resources Water Management

BMT on board to deliver advancements in wave energy technology

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