Increased Opportunities Driving Growth in North America

22 March 2022

U.S. Operating Unit Staffing Up to Meet Demand

As we enter the Spring in the U.S. Gulf Coast region, our offshore team based in Houston, TX is ramping up its capacity to meet the increased demand generated by the seasonal maintenance trips that are common ahead of the upcoming Hurricane season in the US GoM. Additionally, this time of year finds BMT’s North American hub for offshore oil and gas and renewable energy projects resourcing additional support for an uptick in bids, system upgrades, contract awards, continual services renewals, and international service trips.

About 90% of deep-water floating oil and gas production assets in the U.S. GoM contain BMT marine monitoring systems. Numerous Spars, Semisubmersibles, FPSOs and TLPs around the globe feature our systems. Support for these systems, coupled with the overall increased project demand led by recent contracts awarded by BP and Oxy, as well as multiple BMT DEEP subscription and field service contract renewals from offshore operators, has driven the need for more operational support to accommodate delivery.

In response to this surge in demand we have been busy growing our team in the region, adding mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, client support engineer, sales lead, and program management positions to increase operational bandwidth. Neil Charles, President of BMT's Critical Infrastructure operating unit in the Americas says: 

“The breadth and depth of challenges our clients bring us on a regular basis is supportive of growth. BMT has always taken steps to develop our team and create paths and opportunities that allow our people to adapt and grow with the industry. In addition to new team members, key positions have been filled internally, maintaining the high level of expertise and knowledge required to keep pace with the industry.”

According to Mr. Charles, the response to demand is a welcome challenge, and isn’t exclusive to the offshore energy business.

As governments, businesses, and communities across North America are faced with increasing environmental threats such as the massive flooding that is occurring with more and more frequency, BMT is poised to expand its strong environmental service offering from Australia into the U.S. market.

“The TUFLOW product/service, like the capabilities developed in the US, has a deep history and is supported by a passionate team with many years of experience. The solution it provides to users is as relevant here in North America as it is to the rest of the world, and I am very pleased to be bringing this solution to our clients across the region.”

With these strategic additions, BMT has a unique opportunity to merge deep technical, environmental, and analytical expertise into cutting edge solutions to address and support technical and environmental challenges in North America across multiple sectors. The additional resources are essential to fostering continued growth in the region and reflect our ongoing commitment to the industries we serve and the environments in which we operate.

And, as Neil Charles is quick to point out, moving forward BMT is better positioned in the region, "perhaps more than ever before - to continue developing and delivering solutions to the most complex engineering and program challenges, so that we may continue to deliver outcomes that matter to our clients.”

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