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BMT Announces Greg Fisk as its new Global Lead for Climate Risk and Resilience

BMT grows its climate and environment capability worldwide by appointing a Global Lead for Climate Risk and Resilience.

7 October 2021

Today we announce the appointment of Greg Fisk as our Global Lead for Climate Risk and Resilience.  With more than two and a half decades of experience in a range of public and private sector roles related to coastal management and climate change issues, Greg’s appointment underlines BMT’s aspirations to grow its climate and environment capability worldwide. 

As a senior principal consultant with BMT for over 14 years, Greg has been instrumental in maintaining and building BMT’s climate and environment business in Australia, as well as working closely to grow the capabilities across the UK, Americas, the Pacific and Asia. 

As the world’s governments, businesses and industries focus on the dual challenges of decarbonisation and preparedness for climate variability and extreme weather, BMT is growing its offer as a trusted advisor in both climate adaptation and mitigation services.  This includes a variety of consultancy services from strategy development and decarbonisation advice to climate risk assessments. 

"While the science behind impacts and risks from climate and extreme weather events are now widely accepted, accelerating decarbonisation efforts and building resilience to what is now unavoidable climate change is becoming critical.  This isn’t an issue Governments or the corporate sector can handle without closer collaboration and taking a long term view," notes Greg.

Greg’s role as Global Lead for Climate Risk and Resilience will be to engage strongly with BMT’s existing client and customer base as well as new clients and sectors to share knowledge about climate risks and impacts and to work with them to identify practical solutions.  These solutions include measures to increase preparedness to climate impacts as well as reducing emissions through the transition to renewable power and water and energy efficiency measures. As a senior practitioner, Greg will both develop the business and ensure BMT’s clients are getting the best possible solutions and support.  

As the author and developer of the globally recognised TUFLOW ( hydraulic software package, BMT can offer its clients highly detailed and accurate analysis and mapping of climate risks from natural hazards such as flooding, erosion, hurricanes, heat impacts, and drought.

"The engineering and solution depth of expertise within BMT provides our clients with the ability to drill down at a local or site level to understand key climate risks.  In this context, our ability to provide strategic advice is perfectly complemented by this ability to use tools such as TUFLOW to pivot into much more technical assessments and solutions," adds Greg.

The impacts and implications of climate change on natural assets is another area where BMT excels, acknowledging the key role that natural resilience, blue carbon habitat restoration and ‘working with nature’ can play in solving the climate crisis.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science Affairs from the University of Miami and a Master’s degree in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware, Greg has lived and worked in the U.S., U.K. and Australia and has been involved in developing BMT’s climate and environment business since 2017.

Through this work, Greg is an accomplished climate change planner who is able to employ a range of risk assessment, expert elicitation and other approaches relevant to identifying and assessing the future impacts of climate change and the development of adaptation pathways.  His experience includes working Government planning authorities, conservation agencies, airports, seaports, mining and resources companies and water infrastructure authorities.

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