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Sustainable healthcare: Taking care of the Earth

Every day, organisations around the world impact on Nature, from resource extraction, through to the use of fossil fuels. On this World Environment Day, we would like to share the success of our recent collaboration with Darling Downs Health in supporting them to develop their new sustainability strategy to mitigate their environmental impact.

5 June 2020

Sustainable healthcare: Taking care of the Earth

Sustainable business practices are an increasingly important consideration for the healthcare sector. Healthcare facilities and services make a substantial contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource consumption, and waste generation (including hazardous and toxic waste).   

BMT was engaged by Darling Downs Health to assist in the development of the organisation’s sustainability strategy encompassing their 26 facilities. The strategy focused on seven key areas: energy and water management; waste management; sustainable planning and infrastructure; climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience; enhanced wellness; sustainable procurement; and sustainability stewardship, education and awareness.    

Throughout the process, Darling Downs Health was able to recognise the interaction between improving sustainability in their healthcare facilities and services, and improved healthcare effectiveness, efficiency and financial sustainability. By creating a positive social and environment impact, Darling Downs Health can improve health outcomes for their community, and in doing so, reduce pressure on their operations and  services as a whole .   

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