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Cyber for competitive advantage

How to approach Cyber Security as an opportunity to make new security demands work for you and your business

23 January 2020

Defence and Security

Cyber for competitive advantage

When it comes to cyber-security, it’s easy to focus on recent attacks that have made headlines, but cyber-security is about more than this. Of course, it’s about preventing security breaches and protecting your assets, but there is another way to look at it. Our recent webinar, Cyber for Competitive Advantage, did just this.

With new cyber-security regulations one year away for the commercial shipping sector, cyber-security awareness and capabilities are areas they need to take seriously. However, there is a way to leverage investment and make the most of it, by building digital trust with your customers to boost your competitive position.

Senior Cyber Consultant, Charlie Webster, shared his expertise on cyber risk management in the commercial shipping supply chain. Charlie spoke about how vendors can look at their behaviour from a customer perspective to demonstrate cyber confidence and capabilities and use this as a differentiator.
The webinar held in association with The Society of Maritime Industries Digital Technology Group, focussed on new regulation adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), MSC.428 (98) which…

‘…encourages administrations to ensure that cyber risks are appropriately addressed in safety management systems no later than the first annual verification of the company's Document of Compliance after 1 January 2021.’

The IMO has recognised that the information and operational technology systems on ships can be hacked just as easily as systems ashore. Security breaches have the potential to do significant harm to the safety and security of ships, ports, marine facilities and other elements of the maritime transportation system.

The webinar offered a business-centric perspective that encouraged organisations to view the approaching deadline in terms of the potential for competitive advantage. At the core is building digital trust. As cyber risk awareness grows, the idea of digital trust will come to the fore so it’s important that organisations understand their capabilities, build trust and leverage it through their collaborations, partnerships and sales pipeline.

Rather than regarding cyber-security as a costly necessary evil, our webinar shows you how to approach it as an opportunity to turn the tables and make the new security demands work for you and your business.

View the webinar here.

View the presentation here.

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