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Best of BMT - Driving Progress in Mumbai

Developing Mumbai’s Landmark Coastal Road Project

7 December 2019

Coastal Infrastructure

Best of BMT - Driving Progress in Mumbai

As the financial hub of India, the bustling city of Mumbai had to develop its infrastructure to keep pace with its booming population and the busy lifestyle of its inhabitants. The ever-increasing traffic resulted in the proposal of the Mumbai Coastal Road Project (MCRP) – one of India’s landmark national infrastructure projects.

The extent of the first phase of this ambitious 29-km project is 9.98-km, consisting of three packages with roads, bridges, interchanges, tunnels, reclamation and seawalls forming the key components. Thanks to our world-class expertise, a joint venture of the Hindustan Construction Company and Hyundai Development Corporation awarded us the design of the reclamation and seawall marine elements for 2.7 km (Package II) of the first phase of this prestigious project, further cementing our reputation as leaders in the Coastal Infrastructure sector.

Begun in May this year, our work includes the design of essential rubble-mound seawall and reclamation fill and the subsequent update of the design to incorporate the results of physical model testing. In addition, we’ll be coordinating our marine works with other key components of the Coastal Road Project, such as roads, interchanges and utilities and providing design solutions for ease of construction on site without compromising structural integrity.

It’s clear that a project of this magnitude and importance is certainly not without its challenges, but despite the tasks ahead, the MCRP is set to provide immeasurable benefits to the city. Upon completion in mid-2022, it will handle an estimated130,000 vehicles a day and is expected to boost the economy by reducing travel times for busy commuters between South Mumbai and the Western suburbs from over 2 hours to just 40 minutes.


This article is part of #BestOfBMT 2019, featuring our best projects throughout the year.



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