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Best of BMT - A Partnership of Excellence

Supporting the MOD as part of the Aurora Engineering Partnership

26 December 2019

Best of BMT - A Partnership of Excellence

In October 2018, we were selected as a winning partner in the Aurora Engineering Partnership (alongside QinetiQ and Atkins) to provide the UK Ministry of Defence with world-class engineering services over ten years under their Engineering Delivery Partner contract. As the default route for engineering services work into the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support organisation, this was a significant long-term contract that we were very proud to have won.

Under the EDP contract, one of the key programmes we’ve since taken the lead on is the delivery of a range of critical engineering services to the MOD’s maritime domain and to the teams supporting complex warships.

We’ll be delivering this ground-breaking project over a period of eighteen months, after which it will serve as the model for a long-term solution which can be scaled up to provide engineering services to the entirety of the Ships Domain, including up to 29 ‘Delivery Teams’ for a period of over five years. The solution is designed to be flexible, responsive and capable of growing to meet the MOD’s requirements in a perfect example of how our business is adapting to meet changing customer needs.

The comprehensive service will encompass a wide range of different elements, including certification and certification strategy, safety and environmental artefacts, the integration of safe design, requirements management, technical documentation, the maintenance of ships and equipment and independent auditing.

The current task us leading a complex package that is being delivered by all three Aurora Partner companies. The next task will be larger and more complex, ensuring a significant work programme for its duration that will put us at the forefront in providing a managed service for this key customer.


This article is part of #BestOfBMT 2019, featuring our best projects throughout the year.


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