Systems framework for water management

Systems framework for water and environment

Developing successful public policy for allocating scarce human, environmental and economic resources requires an understanding of the myriad trade-off decisions involved within the complex society that uses them.

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Systems framework for water and environment

In particular, the broader consequences of decisions cannot be evaluated when individual elements of policy – water quality, flooding, wastewater handling, water supply, energy, pricing and so on - are considered in isolation.

All are linked from a system perspective, meaning that decisions in one area invariably impact others. As such, the only way to truly manage and sustain these elements is through considering them as a single system.

The Systems Framework methods and approaches, which were originally conceived and developed by Dr Peter Coombes from Urban Water Cycle Solutions and then further enhanced in collaboration with Dr Barry from BMT, adopt a bottom-up whole of system view of our precious assets.

The Systems Framework methods therefore support regulators, government, environment managers and utilities to properly understand and assess our assets as linked elements within a system, and to develop sound policy that considers, at its heart, the equitable and efficient management of our valuable resources.

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