Surface water quantity and quality

Surface water quality is affected by complex natural and manmade influences across climate, catchment inflows, and processes occurring within estuaries and from offshore influences.

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Surface water quantity and quality

We have a long history of helping customers successfully measure, monitor and control environmental water quality. To do so we use highly advanced numerical models, many of which have been developed in-house, to carry out complex hydrology and water quality management studies.

For developers who need to demonstrate compliance with regulations or governmental organisations looking to protect and enhance the environmental values of hydrology and water quality, we support smarter decision making.

We specialise in:

  • Receiving water quality assessments using TUFLOW and other software solutions
  • Catchment rainfall/runoff analysis
  • Hydrologic assessments of changes to catchment land use to achieve water quality outcomes
  • Urbanisation water quality impact assessments
  • Design of water quality and hydraulic control structures
  • Construction, supervision and establishment of water management assets
  • Stormwater management
  • Dam and reservoir management
  • Water sensitive urban design and integrated water cycle management planning