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Specialised Ship Design

We are a leading designer with a diverse and established portfolio of high performance hull and vessel designs, types and lengths

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Noel Tomlinson - SSD

Head of Business Development

Southampton, UK

+44 (0)23 8022 6655 ship-design@bmtglobal.com


We have the skills and capabilities to offer a world-class naval architecture and engineering service and an unmatched depth of experience with all hull form types, propulsion systems and configurations, and structural materials. We provide a complete range of design consultancy services, from requirement definition and assessment to plan approval and the development of refit specifications for a wide range of vessel types.

In short, we offer our customers the complete solution. But owners and yards need confidence as well as solutions, so in addition to our proven vessel designs, we share our insight into performance requirements, design and build implications to help accurately price and assure the quality of all our work.

We further reduce risk through production-friendly, detailed design that’s tailored to a yard’s capabilities, along with high-quality deliverables that reduce the need for rework.

The key to our success is our reliability and our unrivalled track record of delivering challenging designs that consistently meet performance and specification.

Underpinning this ability is our innate understanding of production related issues and our close cooperation with shipyard production.


Specialised Ship Design

Industry leaders in vessel design

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Vessel Portfolio

BMT has an ever expanding range of proven vessel designs with the portfolio including vessels ranging in size from 9m to 220m in length and speeds up to 70 knots.


Our People

Our people strive to deliver the best service, engineering excellence and value for all our customers. Meet some of our talented professionals.


First look at the BMT designs for Steamship Company’s new passenger and cargo vessels


First look at the BMT designs for Steamship Company’s new passenger and cargo vessels. State-of-the-art designs for the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company’s new passenger and cargo vessels designed by BMT are being revealed for the first time.

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James Roy

Moving towards the hydro-generation

The use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel is not a new point of focus in the marine industry. As far back as 2006, Lateral first started exploring (under the BMT brand at that time) the application of hydrogen to commuter ferry designs, and then again in 2013 via a study of hydrogen carriers.

Dr Hashim Khalid Yaqub

VR Training: Inspired by Gaming

BMT’s approach to VR development for training, design and R&D closely follows game design principles. We utilise these innovative techniques and technologies for our VR projects for defence and security customers.

Nancy Doyle

Digital transformation needs a diverse workforce

More and more high-profile organisations, are already seeing neurodiversity as a talent strategy and recognise the strengths neurodiverse people can bring to the workplace.

Freyja Lockwood, Dr Chris Mobley

Creating digital trust in systems

In the digital economy, cities are a key setting for the collection of the data that enables modern technology and service firms to thrive, from sharing economy platforms like Uber or Airbnb, to providers of the technology that power local services. But as the lines between human agency and smart agent-like devices become increasingly blurred, there’s an emerging challenge in building trust and public acceptance.

Esin Turkbeyler

The role of artificial intelligence in digital transformation

A conversation with BMT’s Principal AI Lead, Dr Esin Turkbeyler

Ross Mansfield, Jake Rigby

Demystifying digital twins

The 'digital twin' is now a recognised core component of the Industry 4.0 journey, helping organisations understand their complex processes, resources and data to provide insight into their business and help optimise their operations.

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Technical Papers

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Technical Papers

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