Immersive training

Delivering effective virtual training environments demands more than visualisation and animation skills.

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Immersive synthetic training

Our team includes experts in instructional design. That insight into how best to engage people and help them learn, embedding learning within an organisation, informs all of our technical solutions.

Synthetic environments offer many powerful benefits: they are cost-effective, support multiple trainees, can happen in any location, provide safe training for potentially dangerous scenarios, environments with risk and are intuitive and engaging. In some cases, it also allows for training well in advance of equipment becoming available.


Our learning and development expertise, however, sees the role of synthetic training as an enhancement to rather than replacement for your existing training offer. We recommend where and how synthetics and deliver most benefit as part of a blended solutions.

Investment in immersive environments can go beyond training: that same virtual environment supports inductions and on-boarding as well as sales and marketing.



We have created our own immersive training platform, ENGAGE, from the ground up. We integrated ADL’s xAPI framework to capture true learning experience missed by transitional training. Fully networkable for multiple trainees, ENGAGE delivers collaborative, distributed training that supports, desktop, mobile, VR and AR platforms. ENGAGE is supported by a suite of intuitive trainer tools, allowing trainers to create and monitor scenarios across multiple trainees in real time.

  • High fidelity 3D environments.
  • Interactive scenario creation tools.
  • Single sign on.
  • LMS/LRS xAPI learning data
  • Open badges

Modular scalability

Our solutions powered by ENGAGE have the built-in flexibility to deal with post-delivery changes to match changes in your environment, improve the learning experience and make the most of your investment in synthetic environments. 

  • Change and update environment, buildings, equipment, models and systems.
  • Convert low or medium fidelity models to high fidelity.
  • VR enable areas and add interactions.
  • Support LIDAR and updated CAD.