Training Services

We use proven methodologies, innovative technologies and experienced training and development personnel to develop and lead a wide range of customized training courses.

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Training Services

The increasing sophistication, complexity and value of marine systems and processes, along with the growing demand to develop personnel skills and expertise, has made effective training even more important. New technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and advanced simulation software have opened new opportunities and enhanced the value of established teaching methods and approaches.

Our employees have vast experience in their technical fields and have demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in developing and implementing training programs and courses. They can integrate foundational principles and core training objectives with an organization’s own unique processes and features to deliver course offerings that are tailored for maximum effectiveness.

Our approach gives trainees valuable context so that they can learn within the context of their daily environment. We can provide whole-scope training services, including developing curriculums and materials, establishing in-house training programs and using our own employees to deliver training courses.

We also use a team of skilled developers, modelers, and other personnel to help develop engaging and effective training aids. ENGAGE™ is an immersive 3D training platform that we have developed from the ground up to deliver collaborative and distributed training across desktop, mobile, VR and AR platforms. ENGAGE™ is supported by a suite of intuitive trainer tools. Trainers can create scenarios and then monitor multiple trainees in real time and blend different sources of data to enhance and reduce the cognitive load on the trainer.

We also create and provide training courses that use traditional classroom and hands-on training methods. Our training program managers and subject matter experts collaborate to develop the course performance objectives, the course outline and curriculum, student and instructor guides, presentation materials and all training aids. Depending on the course, our personnel can deliver the training remotely over the internet, or on-site at whatever location is suitable.

Standard training courses

We’ve developed several courses on specialized areas of technical expertise that we deliver regularly and on demand. For more information, please click here.