Discover, analyze and act on your data

Data Analytics is the art and science of unlocking value in your data to support decision making. We are trusted by government and industry customers across the defense and security space to handle data analytics projects that deliver actionable insights.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

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Data analytics and insight

At BMT we deliver actionable insight to customers through extracting trends and predictions using data analytics. Our broad approach goes beyond analysis and includes data usage, management, automation and security. Our in-house team offers additional solutions including data visualisation, software solutions, user analysis and data architecture to help our customers maximise the benefits from their data.

Diverse specialist knowledge
Our data analytics services draws on a diverse range of specialist knowledge from system engineers, human factors experts, data scientists, data engineers and software developers. Our experts seamlessly work together to understand complex systems, human interactions and the business needs of the customer: ingesting, processing and analysing data to implement production ready solutions for the customer. We also have reach-back to BMT’s specialist expertise that include: cyber security experts, mission systems experts, asset performance specialists, UI/UX Designers, business analysts and consultants. Our customers benefit from this diverse team of specialists with a tailor-made solution that meets their exact needs.

Secure, safe and reliable
We are trusted by the world’s leading armed forces and security services with their most sensitive information. Our data handling procedures and storage is highly secure, safe and reliable. Our secure systems and processes, together with our in-house team, gives our commercial customers confidence that their sensitive data and commercial secrets are handled by professionals with the greatest of care.

Independent and unbiased advice.
BMT operates as an employee owned trust, this means that from our world leading data scientists through to our business consultants we are truly independent, and can offer unbiased advice. Our customers value impartial, expert advice and we value the freedom to deliver it without any potential conflict of interest from external stakeholders.