Cyber expertise that understands your market

Our qualified multidisciplinary security and risk management consultants help organizations understand the cyber threat landscape, providing insight into digital risks, and resources to implement business resilience in systems, people, and processes.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

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Cyber security

Our Certified Professional team optimize organisational security controls and policies, adhering to best practice guidance and complying with regulatory standards and frameworks.

We are specialists, not generalists.

Our security consultants combine skills from threat intelligence, security architecture, data science and mission planning to deliver enterprise resilience and performance for critical information systems. We focus our resources on national defense and on security organisations, bringing deep domain knowledge, platform expertise, and cultural understanding of ways of working and the operational demands they face. As with our other contributions to national defense and security, we are committed to help build and sustain a national capability in cyber security disciplines.

Across Government, Digital Exploitation is key to efficiency gains and the prioritization of finite resources. We understand this operational imperative and support Program Teams in realizing their key Program Outcomes at pace. For example: improved operational response; improved capability & capacity to store and process exponential growth in data volumes; enhanced analytic capability and improved data exploitation. We have a demonstrable record of delivering integrated digital exploitation networks across Defense, Intelligence, and wider UK HMG. Our team members have direct experience of the objectives, policies, operational and tactical procedures, that apply in these domains.

International best practice.

We operate across the markets of the Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK) community and bring international best practice to national endeavors, informed by doctrine, frameworks, standards, policy and governance whilst complying with national criteria.

Independent advice.

Being independent from external shareholders and any manufacturing interests means we are not only technology agnostic, free to recommend cost-effective, open source solutions: it also means we are highly credible as leaders of collaborative consortia with no other agenda than the best interests of the customer’s project.

Supported by our in-house community of doctoral level data scientists, we focus our problem solving on the complex issues of security integration, risk consultancy and intelligence operations.