Properly conceived, ‘compliance’ is more than adherence to relevant safety and environmental standards, regulations and laws. It is an opportunity to reduce whole life cost and project risk.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

+1 703 920 7070


We work with customers deliver successful, compliant and appropriate corporate processes and projects, identifying and mitigating any risk of non-compliance which would lead to delays and additional costs. Our work covers the whole lifecycle: from the earliest application of planning, requirements setting and Reliability & Maintainability engineering, through progressive assurance and acceptance, to the initial provision of the physical support resources and then their ongoing management.

Our knowledge of the many interdependencies between the engineering elements of large-scale defense and security projects allows us to avoid unnecessary cost and effort, developing information to serve a variety of purposes.


Management Policy, Requirements, Strategy and Plans

We develop, audit and co-ordinate these and supplement them with the capture of project requirements and design and quality audits using certified practitioners.

Corporate Safety and Environmental Management

We help customers meet these standards through the realization of corporate safety management strategies to provide awareness of functional safety assurance that is compliant with regulatory and legal obligations.

Contracting for Support, Capability or Availability

We help customers understand the implications, key factors and dependencies when contracting, analyzing, modelling and assessing contracts to provide the confidence they will be technically and commercially successful.