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Digital transformation

As a global organisation, we are trusted by our customers to help them solve their digital transformation challenges. By acting as a vendor-neutral customer friend, we facilitate the successful delivery of projects by providing the right guidance in a timely manner.

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Gerard Bouton

Business Development Manager - Digital

London, United Kingdom

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the change that happens when digital technology is applied, enabling businesses to redesign their processes, deliver services, move effectively or develop entirely new business models. This can have a major impact on organisations and may only be successful if they embrace the wider challenges this creates, such as cultural changes, workforce transformation and leadership opportunities.

Embracing and exploiting digital transformation is critical for growth and competitiveness. Our research into what makes an effective digital transformation journey and our work guiding others along the transformation road has enabled us to develop what we believe are the key areas to be addressed for a successful digital transformation programme.

Ten steps to digital transformation

Watch the first of our digital transformation video series which follows our ten steps to digital transformation process. In the first video, we discuss how the fourth industrial revolution will impact the modern organisation and how business leaders need to embrace digital transformation to adapt to this change.

Signal Podcast

In our digital transformation podcast series, we talk to experts from across BMT about each of the areas in the ten step journey to digital transformation that we have created to help clients achieve a successful transformation.