Iliana's journey: from electrical engineer to data analyst

2 July 2024

Iliana's journey: from electrical engineer to data analyst

In 2006, Iliana Jimenez joined BMT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has since become an invaluable team member. Her career at BMT is a story of dedication, growth, and remarkable achievements in the engineering field.

Iliana began her journey as an Electronics Technician, where she quickly showcased her technical prowess. Her role involved a variety of hands-on engineering tasks, including building and testing electrical equipment in the lab and calibrating electrical systems. One of the highlights of her early career was traveling offshore to install Independent Remote Monitoring Systems (IRMS) on four deep-water oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. These offshore trips provided Iliana with a comprehensive understanding of the operational dynamics of oil platforms and allowed her to apply her technical skills in real-world applications.

Iliana’s dedication and skill did not go unnoticed. Her impressive performance led to a promotion to Electrical Engineer. In this role, she worked on developing and testing firmware for sub-sea data acquisition bottles, further showcasing her engineering capabilities and boosting her confidence in her professional abilities.

A new path: transition to Data Analyst

In 2008, Iliana left BMT for a year and returned to a Data Analyst role, a position that truly aligned with her strengths and career aspirations. Her meticulous nature and organisational skills have been instrumental in analysing data, producing detailed reports, and ensuring data integrity and accuracy through collaboration with service and software teams. Iliana’s proficiency with MATLAB scripts and data visualisation tools has significantly enhanced our data analysis processes.

Her day-to-day work involves reviewing data for several offshore oil platforms, identifying faulty sensors, and collaborating closely with the service team to ensure all systems function as expected. Her efforts help our customers maintain their systems’ optimal performance. Additionally, Iliana provides support during service trips to ensure all sensors work properly after installation or servicing.

Reflecting on the transition

Reflecting on her transition from Electrical Engineer to Data Analyst, Iliana shares:

"I moved from Electrical Engineering to Data Analyst when I returned to BMT after a year and was offered this position. Although I always enjoyed my time working in the lab, I quickly realised that this role was a much better fit for me."

Iliana's journey is a testament to her hard work, resilience, and the supportive environment fostered by our team. Her story is inspiring, and we are proud to celebrate her achievements and contributions to the field of engineering. Her focus and dedication to her tasks are unparalleled, and her loyalty and commitment to her team and projects have been consistently demonstrated throughout her career.


Iliana Jimenez

Data Analyst

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