Subcontractor Information

Relevant agreements and policies


You will be aware that you are in contact with BMT with the strong possibility that you will be asked to support the delivery one of our customer projects or one of our supporting business functions. In either event, you will be interacting with BMT employees and, in many instances, interacting with BMT customers.

The links on this page take you to 3 BMT policy statements that describe the values and standards we expect of our employees in their day to day work and their interactions with our customers. To help your induction into your BMT team, it would be very beneficial for you to read and familiarise yourself with these policy statements, either before you join one of our teams, or very early in your time with us. Please let your BMT manager know when you have read and understood these 3 policy statements.

Although not a requirement to read, in addition to these policy statements, the remaining link will take you to our Employee Code of Conduct. This will further enhance your understanding of the desired standards and behaviours from our employees. The embedded policy hyperlinks will not be accessible directly from this document, but if you do wish to learn more, then please let you BMT manager know which policies are of interest, and they will arrange access for you.