Broome Channel Optimisation

We were engaged by KPA to provide site supervision, technical and management services for the delivery of the Broome Channel Optimisation project to enable port access for large shipping and cruise vessels.


In recognition of the access constraints and the growing tourism industry in Broome, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Tourism Western Australia and Kimberley Port Authority (KPA) have contributed funds to optimise the navigation channel to allow passage of larger vessels. 

Specifically for the Port of Broome, port accessibility has been a limiting factor for cruise ships due to navigational hazards associated with shoals and a narrow channel into the Port. 

We were commissioned by KPA to provide overall project planning and investigation, contract procurement services and site supervision during project delivery. 


Services and expertise provided during project planning phase: 

  1. Planning, investigations and design development
  2. Design of navigation channel 
  3. Metocean data collection 
  4. Geophysical surveys, including refraction survey
  5. Magnetometer survey 
  6. Unexploded ordnance survey (UXO)
  7. Site environment investigation
  8. Environmental impact assessment, including plume modelling
  9. Ship simulation using FASTSIM and Bridge simulation. 

Services and expertise provided during contract procurement phase: 

  1. Preparation of tender documentation
  2. Technical support during tender period
  3. Tender evaluation and negotiation
  4. Preparation of recommendation for award.

Services and expertise provided during project delivery phase: 

  1. Review of project deliverables, hazard identification (HAZID) workshop and project planning
  2. Site supervision whereby our engineers were present on the dredging vessel to provide oversight and verify standby/stoppages time
  3. Environmental monitoring and compliance reporting
  4. Daily project planning and execution
  5. Review of progress surveys
  6. Installation of aids to navigation. 

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