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We provide a complete lifecycle approach for our app and data services development service, from discovery to design, build and run.

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Bath, England

Richard Hills

Senior Sales Manager - Defence Digital

Richard Hills

Senior Sales Manager - Defence Digital

Bath, England

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We provide a complete lifecycle approach for our app and data services development.  From discovery to design, build and run, we work seamlessly across new concept applications should you wish to explore a new idea, develop apps based on your needs, and support apps for you.

We provide practical research and stakeholder engagement to keep everyone focused on user needs and business value, and we use rapid prototyping to demonstrate ideas and test assumptions quickly. While flexible in our application of Agile frameworks, we have significant experience following Scrum and working to GDS standards, delivering a range of digital services across Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases.

By working across concepts, new developments and legacy applications and services, our expert team have a broad experience of approaches and technologies helping you to reduce your development and support costs.

We work in a secure environment to provide solutions that meet your requirements to add benefits and deliver value for money.  We have an exceptional track record of delivering various software projects. We draw on our expertise in human factors, data analysis, UI and GIS, cyber security and security testing to create tailor-made software solutions that deliver real business value.

Our approach

Not only do we deliver digital solutions that are tailored to meet your needs, but they’re delivered on time and to budget. We develop software that directly addresses your requirements to maximise possible benefits.

We begin by understanding your requirements, then build quickly and test and iterate our work based on continuous feedback to create genuinely engaging software using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), visualisation, and 3D tools.

Our independence and breadth of experience set us apart, and we work with a wide variety of government departments and world-class international organisations to solve the toughest digital challenges. Our solutions have included digital services, mobile apps, and Big Data analytics. 

We’re “solution agnostic” and free of any bias about using different technology tools to solve problems. We avoid the "one-size-fits-all” approach to software development and ensure we choose the right solution for you from open source to licensed technology.

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Concept design

Defining Your Requirements

Our user-centred and agile design approach enables us to capture your requirements, understand the scope of your project, and identify the required technical skills and strategies.

Agile Planning

Project Management and planning of Proof of Concept (PoCs) and Minimum Viable Products(MVPs) require careful planning and communication with all key stakeholders. Our agile planning approach ensures that everyone is clear about what can be achieved within the available time frame, how it will be delivered, and what standard.


We use agile methodologies that are scaled to the requirements of your project and iterate through the design, development, test, deploy, review lifecycle.


We provide iterative delivery to ensure your satisfaction with the direction of each iteration. We can support final delivery and deployment onto your infrastructure, hosting either on our on-premises data centre or on the cloud.

Concept Technologies

From novel user interfaces to testing technology and new approaches, we help you determine what’s possible via rapid development of GIS concepts to VR and AR concepts.

Key benefits

  • Faster development of Proofs of Concept
  • Rapid prototyping to confirm that Applications are viable prior to full development
  • Most cost-efficient product development
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of technologies and platforms prior to full development
  • Easy scalability from concepts to fully-supported production applications and services
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