Business Planning of a Port Facility

BMT prepared a detailed demand assessment to identify the product mix and potential industry clusters that drive the cargo throughout the client's ports in China.

The Requirement

Sampoerna Group investigated the possibility of entering into a Concession Agreement with the Government of China, for the ownership and operation of two ports adjacent to a proposed Special Industrial & Economic Zone (SIEZ).

The site is in southern China near the Vietnamese border. 

Our Role

BMT prepared a detailed demand assessment identifying the product mix and potential industry clusters responsible for driving the cargo throughout.

We applied statistical methods to assess the competitive positions of all competing ports in the region.

BMT port operational models, coupled directly to its financial models, allowed for the financial performance of the terminals to be examined under a variety of future operational and market based conditions. Micro-analysis of tariffs and the viability of individual business elements could also be assessed.

What it Delivered

BMT delivered a formal business plan, detailing a strategic implementation plan as well as its financial performance. Services provided include:

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