Joint Support Ship (JSS)

We Designs Joint Support Ship (JSS)


The Joint Support Ship (JSS) will replace the Royal Canadian Navy's existing AORs and provide the Canadian Forces future Afloat Logistic and Sealift Capability.


A new class of vessel is envisioned that can provide multi-mission capability in support of a wide range of afloat and ashore operations.

This includes:


We are is creating a Contract Design Specification (CDS) of the Joint Support Ship (JSS) for Canada's Department of National Defence (DND).

This CDS is based on a preliminary design completed by BMT, the Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL), System Design Reviews, and Design to Cost Checklists.


If selected by the DND, this Contract Design will be passed to Seaspan, who have been selected under the NSPS to conduct the the detail design and construction phases of the JSS.

The Contract Design includes the entire ship, from hull to systems, and in order to complete the Contract Design. We conducted work on the:

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