Geraldton Port Enhancement Project

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In 2002, the Geraldton Port Authority (GPA) embarked on a $100M upgrade program which included the dredging of approximately 5 Mm³ of predominantly rock material from the 5 km entrance channel and basin.

The initial dredging works involved the removal of contaminated material (approximately 150,000 m³) from the basin with small cutter suction dredges and placing it in a lined disposal site.

The main dredging campaign followed with the Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Leonardo Da Vinci (the largest CSD in the world at the time), involving the removal of rock materials from the channel under extreme swell conditions from the exposed entrance channel. 

Dredged material under this contract was disposed of at 3 offshore sites in accordance with the approved Sea Dumping Permit. 

Additional works carried out during the project included navigation aid construction and installation, modifications to shiploaders, berths and outloading systems. 

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