Seascape: Floating Modular Villas

BMT's approach to design brings new living concepts that are both luxurious and sustainable

BMT has developed Seascape, a series of floating villas allowing developers and owners the freedom to expand their living spaces into coastal waters. Featuring clean lines and smooth, organic curves Seascape has evolved to allow for several villa designs: it provides customers a platform for their imagination where their unique design ideas can be brought to life.

The Seascape platform provides a modular, flexible architecture for development, and the opportunity for the inclusion of a startling underwater room. We’ve just scraped the surface of the design flexibility available, from individual luxury floating villas and lakeland lodges to resort cabins, marina office, beach house, and even art galleries and other novel commercial spaces.

BMT sees countless opportunities in the development of this design for private or commercial use. The innovative form could be readily deployed along river and coastal sites, and we look forward to working with individuals and companies on the deployment of our firsts units, and are sure that the variety of applications ultimately created will significantly expand upon our preliminary designs.

View the Seascape video teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhr9uNY2Gss

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