Darwin Hotel Seawall

It is proposed to build a luxury hotel on the site adjacent to the foreshore at Fort Hill in Darwin.


It is proposed to build a luxury hotel on the site adjacent to the foreshore at Fort Hill in Darwin. The Northern Territory Government legislation requires habitable areas to be elevated above the 1000 year inundation level. The site will also need protection from cyclonic wave action at this storm tide level.

A seawall was designed for the shoreline of the site to protect the infrastructure from damage due to wave action and to control the volume of water carried towards the facility with each wave.


Assessment of the design conditions at the hotel required the generation and numerical modelling of wind fields associated with the 1000 year cyclone to establish storm surge height and wave heights at the site for this event. The models used were TUFLOW FV which is a 2D finite volume hydrodynamic model developed by BMT and SWAN (Delft University of Technology 2006) which is a 3rd generation spectral wave model to establish design wave heights for the seawall. The seawall was then designed using the results from this numerical modelling and tested in a physical model which resulted in confirmation of the design of the proposed seawall.


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