Three Dimensional Modelling of the Tamar River

BMT was commissioned to develop a three dimensional hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality model of the Tamar River, Tasmania.


Client:  NRM North

The Tamar River has experienced significant environmental changes over several decades, primarily as a result of anthropogenic impacts such as upstream damming, catchment development,  and direct delivery of urban wastewater to poorly flushed river reaches. 

As a result, the river exhibits degraded sediment and water quality conditions in most upstream reaches that require active intervention to remediate. 

BMT was commissioned to develop a numerical model to support the development of such intervention strategies.

Outcomes and Benefits

The model was used successfully to investigate the potential effectiveness of a range of structural and environmental alterations to the estuary.  Some scenarios showed marked improvement in places, but with deleterious consequences elsewhere.

The model was able to be used to quantify these benefits and consequences and provide robust predictions of overall environmental benefits. 

The modelling tool can be continually refined and used to assist in ongoing management decisions.


Services and Expertise Provided:

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