Lagoons Development, Sharjah

BMT reviewed the opportunities and constraints for a recreational marine transport system in the western border of Sharjah, which is flanked along the coastline by a series of lagoons.

The Requirement

The western border of Sharjah is flanked along the coastline by a series of lagoons created from the reclamation of adjoining peninsulas. The lagoon area had been identified for development to provide an accessible and vibrant area for residents and visitors alike. 

What We Delivered

BMT was commissioned to review the opportunities and constraints of the area for a recreational marine transport system via:

Outcome and benefits:

Sustainability – The ferries needed to include an optimum low wash hullform to minimise vessel induced waves that may impact the safety of other water users and reduce fuel consumption.

Innovation – The 50 passenger ferries were developed with the option for outdoor, as well as indoor seating, reflecting the principal use of these vessels for evening activity and during the cooler winter months.

Added Value – The planning team provided high level architectural concepts offering early insight into how the system may relate to the coastal environment and urban area.  As in all BMT’s marine transport work, significant effort was spent of creating a consistent and efficient pier layout.

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