Esperance Port Development

We undertook a wide range of consultancy services for a major development of the Esperance Port, which involved planning, design and full project management of the port upgrade.


The Esperance Port Authority undertook major development work that allowed it to deepen its existing berths to – 14.5 m CD and provide an additional berth at –19 m CD capable of accommodating vessels of 180,000 dwt.

The proposal to load Panamax size vessels at the existing wharfs and construct a new wharf for Cape size vessels necessitated a re-design of the harbour basin and channel to optimise on underkeel clearances and overall geometry.

Material dredged from the harbour and channel was discharged directly to a 22 Hectare reclamation area to provide for future development, the first facility being a 220 x 65 m, 300 000 T capacity iron ore storage shed.

The reclamation area is protected by a new seawall, with provision made to trap longshore drift material before it enters the deepened channel.

As part of the project team, we received an Institution of Engineers Award for excellence (environmental) for the project.



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