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One of the avenues through which we create impact is by championing STEM initiatives.

3 April 2024

Recently, our team in Bath led two exciting STEM events that brought science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to life for young minds. One of these events was a STEM day organised for Girlguiding, while the other was an interactive stand at the Bath Royal Literacy and Scientific Institution (BRLSI) Brilliantly Engineered STEM exhibition. 

The Girlguiding event was a vibrant affair, engaging 80 members ranging from ages 4 to 15.  We set up interactive stands covering a diverse range of topics, including buoyancy and code-breaking, among others. It was incredibly rewarding to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the participants as they delved into hands-on activities like DNA extraction, binary bracelets, and paper helicopters. Each participant left with not just a certificate but also a STEM badge, tangible symbols of their achievements and the myriad opportunities awaiting them in STEM careers.

At the BRLSI exhibition, our central stand served as a hub of learning and discovery. We welcomed over 1500 visitors, showcasing our engineering heritage and expertise alongside other Bath based companies such as Rotork and BuroHappold, while inspiring the next generation with the possibilities of engineering. Through interactive workshops and activities like designing and testing origami paper ships for buoyancy, we sparked curiosity and creativity in attendees of all ages.

Laura Star, our Naval Architect and regional STEM Lead, emphasized the importance of such outreach efforts in showcasing the vast opportunities in STEM careers:

"These events demonstrate how valuable STEM engagement activities are in inspiring future generations, highlighting the pivotal role they play in breaking down barriers and demonstrating STEM is for curious minds from all demographics."

If you're curious about our approach to STEM or eager to get involved, we invite you to explore our STEM page.

Together, let's continue inspiring and empowering future generations through the wonders of STEM!


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