Ronald Radder appointed to head up our Groningen office

We have appointed Ronald Radder to head up our Groningen office, a new relocation move for Radder that will see his marine surveying services and leadership going beyond Groningen to cover the Northern region of the Netherlands and Germany’s ports as well, with effect from 1 January 2023.

2 December 2022

As a qualified and accredited marine surveyor specialist, Radder’s arrival will expand the services offered directly from the Groningen office, complementing the existing regional marine surveying and corporate business.

Dennis de Bruin, BMT’s managing director of Marine Surveys said:

“The continuation of our mature business brand and established services puts BMT in a fortuitous position that lends to a strengthening and capitalisation effect locally, enabling BMT to potentially expand its presence in a booming services market in the country’s north, and beyond. More predominantly, the growth seen in our sector’s services will allow BMT to offer more scalable and advanced marine surveys and consulting services, in its domestic business market, with opportunity to extend out to new partners and customers who want to grow their maritime and infrastructure-related interests for Ports, Terminals, Shipping and Container/Cargo Trade including in these strategic locations in-country, Eemshaven, Delfzijl and Harlingen, and beyond into Germany’s Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven and Hamburg.”

Dennis de Bruin further added:

It is great to have Ronald ‘on board’ in this important area for our Marine Surveys business. The North of the country is a growing market for many of our customers with whom we have a strong track record for many years. He will bring a wealth of technical experience in both P&I and H&M-related casualty investigations, bolstering our deliverability of services to our customers.”

Ronald Radder further commented:

“This role not only fulfils my personal ambition to reside in the country’s stunning North, but it also synergises with and is a perfect match for BMT to grow its business capabilities in the marine surveys industry.
Ronald Radder, November 2022

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