Caimen 90 unveiling

BMT to offer the Caimen 90 for Land 8710

BMT has announced the Caimen 90 Landing Craft as its bid vessel for the Land 8710 program.

15 October 2019

BMT to offer the Caimen 90 for Land 8710

The Caimen 90 was designed by BMT and is able to operate at high speeds with heavy payloads, allowing faster amphibious offload from host ship compared with slower, more conventional landing craft.

"BMT is offered world leading capability in landing craft vessels to the Australian Army with the Caimen 90,” BMT Defence and Security Managing Director, Peter Behrendt said.

"A variant of this vessel is already being built internationally, which shows it is a proven hull form and design,” Mr Behrendt said.

“The Caimen 90 represents a significant improvement on speed performance from previous landing craft vessels and is capable of traveling at up to 30 knots,” he said.

"Additionally, features such as a tri-bow aluminum monohull and a bow and stern ramp, will allow for roll-on, roll-off capability, a key requirement for a modern landing craft.

We are delighted to be able to offer this vessel to Australia,” Mr Behrendt said. Land 8710 Phase One is the program to replace the Australian Army’s Mark 8 Landing Craft.


Caimen 90 unveiling preview

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