Better decisions are supported by more intelligent and intuitive models

BMT develops and uses a range of numerical models to help establish best outcomes and solutions for our clients.

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Software solutions

BMT develops and uses a range of numerical models to help establish best outcomes and solutions for our clients. Software developed in-house by BMT is also offered commercially, and is used extensively across the globe.

The success of our commercial software is underpinned by our wealth of practical and technical industry expertise in modelling real world solutions. The software tools we develop and use are informed not just by insights into the management of big data, but by an intimate knowledge of the underlying science involved as well as practical, in-field experience of the issues, from flooding to oil spills to aquaculture carrying capacity assessments.


We can advise you on the nature, quality and quantity of data you need and the smartest way to collect it. We then adapt our modelling to the specific metrics of your project to generate greater sensitivity, accuracy and above all - relevance.

As authors and owners of the code for many of our models we can save you license costs and provide you with the files to support your decisions, not just the report.



Reservoir Flood Modelling, United Kingdom

In 2010, the Environment Agency produced Reservoir Flood Maps (RFM) for large raised reservoirs at a national scale across England and Wales.

Discharge Modelling Studies in the Barents Sea

BMT was contracted by TOTAL (Paris) to undertake cooling water discharge modelling studies on behalf of Shtokman Development AG.

Cairns Shipping Development Project Environmental Impact Statement

Building on the Port of Cairns Cruise Shipping Demand Study undertaken by BMT in 2010 – 2011, BMT is working with project partner Arup to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Port of Cairns Shipping Development Project.

Abrolhos Islands Aquaculture Modelling

BMT developed a 3D hydrodynamic and water quality model of the region around the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. In collaboration with BMT and the University of Western Australia, model results were used to assess the impact of proposed finfish aquaculture on the surrounding environment.

Three Dimensional Modelling of the Tamar River

BMT was commissioned to develop a three dimensional hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality model of the Tamar River, Tasmania. The model was extensively calibrated and used by a range of stakeholders to examine the efficacy and impact of a range of management measures.

Murray River Mouth Morphological Modelling

BMT has developed a comprehensive model for analysing the impacts on morphological processes of the Murray River mouth and associated water levels and salinity levels throughout Coorong and Lower Lakes resulting from variable river flows and release strategies at the barrages, incorporating ocean tide, storm surge, wave and wind processes.