Test and measurement

Our instrumentation and recording equipment helps our mining customers to accurately measure critical parameters such as loads, stresses and hydraulic pressures.

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Test and measurement

This insight is vital when diagnosing the cause of mining machinery problems or failures. It also provides the best possible basis for rectifying the problem to improve productivity and ensure safety. 


Strain, vibration, pressure, temperature

Careful testing and measurement helps our customers to identify faults, improve safety and minimise downtime. To carry this out effectively our experts use powerful software tools, highly accurate instrumentation and data acquisition equipment to analyse performance and identify problems. Just one example is our use of radio telemetry systems to provide vital vibration and stress data on all types of rotating equipment.


Long-term remote monitoring and interrogation

Mining equipment is typically operating for long periods in harsh environments and at considerable stress. We help minimise downtime by monitoring and interrogating machines remotely. This approach uses a low-cost communication link which enables the data from the machine to be constantly interrogated as part of a condition monitoring program. This can also be used to identify intermittent faults and capture the long-term data that helps to unlock improvements in both productivity and safety.

Custom machine installations

Custom machine installations

When off-the-shelf components are not an effective way to test and measure a particular piece of mining equipment, we can create a custom solution. Our purpose-built transducers and instrumentation can ensure that all your mining equipment can be adequately monitored, helping you reduce downtime and maintain safety.