Machine design

Surface and underground mining operations depend on high-productivity machines and we understand that, in an industry with a long heritage of innovation, these must constantly evolve to meet market and regulatory needs.

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Machine design

We have built our reputation on designing complex, high-tech machines that help customers find smarter ways to extract commodities while increasing safety and environmental protection. We also have extensive experience in re-designing and re-engineering existing machines to improve performance, increase capacity or reduce risks.

Whatever the application, we can manage the entire process - from concept development, through detailed design, manufacture and installation, to final commissioning - or help with one aspect. 

We set out to unlock the ‘win-wins’ where machine and operator productivity increases but so too do machine health and operator safety. Our in-house capabilities in all design related disciplines include:

  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Control systems, PLCs (programmable logic controller)
  • Electrical
  • Fluid power hydraulics

Machine types


As experts in designing high performance conveyors and conveyor systems, we can help you extract and move commodities rapidly, efficiently and safely. Whether you are designing a new system or modifying an existing one, our experts use their sophisticated conveyor analysis tools, trouble shooting and testing experience to help you deliver ‘smart productivity'.

Dump truck frames and bodies

Our work with the operators and manufacturers of large haul trucks means we are experts in the design, testing and analysis of truck frames and bodies, drive trains and suspension units. We apply this expertise to help customers improve vehicle performance and site productivity.

Loading of iron ore on very big dump-body truck

Shovels and draglines

Customers benefit from our long history of dragline maintenance and operational support, which has driven the design of many innovative features including real-time feedback and sophisticated diagnostics. We also have extensive experience in the design and adaptation of shovel machinery.

Bucket wheel excavators

As a recognised authority on bucket wheel excavators we are strongly positioned to support the design of systems that deliver to the highest operational and safety standards, particularly in lignite mines and other similarly difficult digging conditions.


Our experts help customers improve stacker performance by assessing and re-designing their mechanical, structural and electrical systems. This is underpinned by accurate site testing using strain gauges and accelerometers to measure the machine motions, stresses and loads during all operational phases. Having a clear-sighted, accurate view of stacker performance and requirements allows you to get the most from your machinery while staying within safety limits.

Roof supports

The design of roof supports plays a crucial role in the safe and continuing operation of underground mines. By accurately measuring and modelling operating loads and stresses we help customers adapt designs to prevent early failures and ensure safe operation.

Special purpose structures and machines

We specialise in designing complex, special purpose, high-tech machines to suit the specific requirements of a mine or process. These include the design and production of portable, numerically controlled grinders for removing high loads from dragline roller circles. Whatever the application, we have the expertise to integrate all the required skills to develop a cost-effective machine that delivers what we call ‘smart productivity'.