Automation and robotics

The high volumes and hazards associated with bulk handling of mined materials, as well as the need to maximise productivity, create a powerful case for the use of automation and robotics.

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Automation and robotics

We are at the forefront of these developments, offering bespoke, smart solutions that allow customers to benefit from these exciting new technologies. At the heart of our offering is the use of highly advanced modelling and simulation techniques that enable intelligent design and support automation and remote operation. By meeting customers’ specific requirements these machines help customers find smarter ways to handle materials and unlock productivity gains.


Field robotics

We use advanced modelling techniques to enable digital monitoring and visualisation of mining environments. To achieve this we use position, orientation and environment sensing techniques to construct an accurate image of the environment, which can be viewed and interrogated by users. All components, including machinery, can then be accurately represented within the environment to model interaction, whether for remote operation or automation.

Automated machine design

Automated machine design

Our sophisticated 3D modelling techniques create the perfect test ground for automated mining machinery. Our virtual environment enables machinery models to be manipulated and measured under all conditions, giving customers greater insight into areas such as guidance, control, collision avoidance and monitoring.

Loading of iron ore on very big dump-body truck

Shovels and draglines

From dragline terrain scanning to remote and autonomous operation, our modelling, automation and robotics experts are helping mine owners unlock new efficiencies and keep their people safe.



Our rail monitoring products and trackside equipment allow for health monitoring and reporting on rail operations from a central location. These systems provide non-invasive reporting on mechanical system health, predicting issues before they become an operational problem, allowing for preventative maintenance efforts to be directed efficiently.

Services offered: 

  • Research and development
  • Design and design audit
  • Commissioning
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Failure investigation


We provide a capability to remotely visualise and operate facilities across the entire Pit-to-Port value chain. We have existing solutions operating on Mobile Mining Equipment, Yard Machines, Rail Transport and Ports to deliver a consistent and consolidated view of a customer’s entire operation.