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Asset management

We constantly look to innovate ways in which we monitor, measure, analyse and improve your assets’ performance. We set out to find the ‘win-wins’ where machine and operator productivity increases but so too do machine health and operator safety.

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Asset management

We set out to find the ‘win-wins’ where machine and operator productivity increases but so too do machine health and operator safety.

Having a clear-sighted, accurate view of the relationship of these factors machine by machine allows us to continually push the envelope without jeopardising the assets. This is how we unlock valuable incremental gains in the productivity, safety and sustainability of your assets.


Troubleshooting, accident investigation

Our experts have the technical knowledge and resources to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and find the cause of failures. We use powerful software and computing hardware to provide rapid answers to complex problems involving stress analysis, fluid flows, particle dynamics (discrete element modelling), heat transfer, structural and drive dynamics and control systems. In addition, we have the practical experience and customer focus to understand the individual factors that may contribute to problems or accidents on your site.

Risk assessment, reliability

From design to operation, our experts have specialist knowledge of all aspects of mining machinery. This means we are ideally positioned to provide machinery operators with advice on assessment, management and reduction of risk. As experts in operating machine analysis, design adequacy assessment, machinery and structure inspection and condition monitoring we can help you measure, monitor and mitigate all the risks associated with mining machines.

Maintenance and repair plans

Maintenance and repair plans

Our experience in the operation, repair and maintenance of large machine and machinery systems means we can help you make maintenance more effective while also reducing total life cycle costs. From providing advice to implementing or managing comprehensive plans, we can deliver:

  • Whole of life maintenance plans
  • Repair-replace decisions for major equipment
  • Strategic spares inventories
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance systems
  • Vibration monitoring
Design rectification

Design rectification

We can help you improve productivity and reduce downtime by accurately diagnosing potential problems and early failures in your mineral processing equipment and systems.  Our expert analysis, practical experience and advanced design tools can identify ways to adapt and re-engineer your current designs to address problems before they occur, or correct them after the event. Across the range of mineral processing, we can identify and implement the improvements that deliver what we call ‘smart productivity.’

Condition and structural integrity audits

Condition and structural integrity audits

Effective condition monitoring is vital for managing both risk reduction and maintenance. Our experience of all aspects of planning, implementing and interpreting condition monitoring programs in the mining industry can help you maximise both productivity and safety. We also bring our specialist knowledge of measuring, monitoring and modelling to audit the structural integrity of vital mining equipment.

Life prediction and extension/upgrades

We help customers extend the operational life of their mining machinery as an alternative to replacement. The first step is to assess if this is a safe and cost-effective option, which involves measuring and analysing all potential failure areas. We then identify the most appropriate structural or mechanical upgrade strategies and can manage any resulting modifications.