Automation and robotics

The high volumes and hazards associated with bulk handling of mined materials, as well as the need to maximise productivity, create a powerful case for the use of automation and robotics.

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Automation and robotics

We are at the forefront of these developments, offering bespoke, smart solutions that allow customers to benefit from these exciting new technologies. At the heart of our offering is the use of highly advanced modelling and simulation techniques that enable intelligent design and support automation and remote operation. By meeting customers’ specific requirements these machines help customers find smarter ways to handle materials and unlock productivity gains.


Automated machine design

Wagon vibrators

We help customers overcome the costly problems experienced when so-called ‘sticky’ coal is discharged from rail wagons at port terminals. Previously, the only way to clear blockages was to manually dislodge the coal, leading to lengthy delays and safety issues. The automated BMT Wagon Vibrator overcomes these problems. If a blockage is detected it engages the wagon and delivers a high frequency oscillatory force which dislodges the coal. With many of our machines already in operation, we have the experience needed to deliver, monitor and maintain the right machine for your requirements.

Vessek unloading bulk material

Self-unloading ships

The use of self-unloading vessels is particularly valuable in transferring large loads of mined materials safely, rapidly and cost-effectively. Our experts can carry out the whole system design, which may typically include the mechanical, structural, electrical and control details for conveyors, bucket wheel reclaimers, gantries, booms, ventilation and dust control systems.

Train loadout systems

Getting loads of coal, iron ore and other materials out of trains and onto vessels rapidly and safely presents a number of challenges. Our experts have both practical experience of these problems and the technical skills to help you design automated systems that ensure consistent, continuous loadout of trains. We can help you realise operational efficiencies, achieve your required load-in and load-out rates, maximise stockpile capacity, minimise use of mobile plant, and reduce the cost per tonne handling rate.