Materials handling at mines and ports

Safety, reliability, speed: handling the issues.

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Chris Batten

Director of Sales, Environment and Infrastructure

Perth, Australia

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Safety, reliability, speed: handling the issues

Our innovative approach to the problems associated with bulk handling is recognised throughout the mining industry, most notably through our unique coal wagon vibrator design that rapidly increases unloading speeds at port terminals and provides significant safety benefits.

Without proper understanding, today’s productivity can become tomorrow’s downtime as plant health suffers or safety is compromised. Our experts offer a complete service from initial investigations, concept and detailed design of machinery, project management through procurement / fabrication / installation / commissioning, and through life technical support including asset management.


Machine Design

Operators depend on us to support the safe and cost-effective bulk handling of commodities, both at the mine and port.


Mining and port companies around the world constantly strive to improve productivity by investing in bulk handling machines and systems.

Design audits

Our design audits help customers to improve safety, extend structure and machinery life, verify conformance with specification and identify operational risk.

Project Management, Quality Assurance, Inspection and Commissioning

The ability to identify each and every opportunity available to a bulk handling project demands a breadth of experience.

Asset Management

We constantly look to innovate ways in which we monitor, measure, analyse and improve your assets’ performance. We set out to find the ‘win-wins’ where machine and operator productivity increases but so too do machine health and operator safety.

Automation and Robotics

The high volumes and hazards associated with bulk handling of mined materials, as well as the need to maximise productivity, create a powerful case for the use of automation and robotics.

Advanced Simulation Services

We specialise in the mathematical modelling and simulation of all types of engineering problems related to material handling. This helps our customers to safely and accurately assess complex problems.

Environmental Services

We have a long history of helping customers to successfully address environmental and water management issues.

Expert Witness Advice, Arbitration

We provide insurance companies, legal firms, loss adjusters, engineers and mine managers with independent, expert opinion on a broad range of technical issues, but typically in relation to industrial accidents and machinery failure.