BMT SSGT® Submarine

BMT SSGT concept design is a high mobility non-nuclear submarine with the approach and mobility of SSNs whilst retaining the advantages of the SSK.

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BMT VIDAR® Submarines

The SSGT design from BMT offers a high speed, long endurance transit capability, made possible by an innovative propulsion design.

SSGT’s range, speed and endurance, both when in transit and on station, are wholly beyond the capabilities of current and forthcoming SSKs. BMT's concept design offers high mobility through key features including:

The versatility and endurance capabilities that SSGT can sustain are made possible by an innovative propulsion design, which uses twin independent gas turbine-alternator sets, housed in the ‘bulb’ on top of the fin. When semi-submerged, SSGT can operate at a fast transit mode, achieved by its gas turbines burning kerosene with air inducted through an extendible mast.

When SSGT has slower, more covert requirements, services and propulsion power is provided by fuel cell stacks using the reaction of hydrogen with air drawn in through a snort mast. On station, covert tactical mobility is achieved using the fuel cells in full Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) mode. In this mode, sprints of up to 30 knots are made possible by power drawn from a large advanced Zebra battery.

BMT's SSGT design includes a flexible mix of vertical and horizontal weapon discharge tubes, as well as UUV stowage to satisfy a range of mission profiles. These systems have sufficient energy stored to operate them.